SP I: Biographical analysis concerning courses of radicalisation and deradicalisation

Subproject I is carried out by the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cologne. The project analyses typical courses of radicalisation as well as deradicalisation using biographical and network analysis. We focus on the processual nature of radicalisation.

Interviews with individuals who have undergone processes of radicalisation and possibly deradicalisation will be at the core of our study. The project particularly addresses the question of what role the internet plays to actually become ready to use violence for ideological reasons in the offline world. Other factors that might be relevant are examined as well.

In addition to interviews with those affected, i.e. people having undergone these processes, we also conduct expert interviews with those who observe these processes from a professional point of view. The aim of the latter is to establish contextual, repeating factors of paths in and out of radicalisation – both with regard to processes taking place online and offline.