SP II: Indication of the risk level and exploration of vulnerable groups

As part of subproject II, the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony in Hannover will investigate the risk level of extremist internet propaganda and the vulnerable groups affected.

Based on data from school and student surveys, the different characteristics and factors will be explored that can discourage or promote processes of radicalisation. Here, the project aims to gain a deeper insight into the risk factors of religious as well as political radicalisation. One particular focus of the survey is on the impact of the internet.

Besides the quantitative survey, the project focuses on the experiences, living environment, and use of digital media of devout Muslims in Germany. Hereto, the project will conduct narrative interviews that will be analysed with reconstructed techniques. Also the project will improve existing knowledge of online radicalisation by taking a deeper look inside the visual dimension and the latent messages of websites with extremist content.

Additional interviews are foreseen with experts in the field of left-wing extremist prevention in order to establish shortcomings and the successful measures and strategies of existing approaches.