SP III: Analysis of Web-Based Propaganda

The Department of Criminology, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Comparative Criminal Law and Justice carries out part III of the project. It involves a qualitative and quantitative analysis of web-based propaganda, and tries to shed light on the reciprocal effects between computer-mediated communication and the social identity of those communicating.

The research focuses on Islamist and right-wing extremist online forums, chats and social media groups. The analysed material reaches from an entry level of openly accessible websites for interested persons to closed groups of highly radical members. The main research target is the media related analysis of radicalisation processes through internet propaganda. Typical examples for communicative radicalisation will be analysed and reconstructed by qualitative and quantitative content, discourse and network analysis. Finally, preventive methods will be developed, based on the research results. These utilise the specific characteristics of the medium for communicative counteractions directly on the affected websites (e.g. by counter speech).