SP VI: Inventory and Analysis of Prevention Projects

Subproject VI is run by the Criminal Justice Institute of the University of Hannover, Germany, Chair for criminal law and criminology. It looks into prevention against radicalisation and bias violence in the fields of right wing extremism and islamism.

A systematic inventory and sound analysis of the efficacy of existing preventive efforts are the groundwork for the development of evidence-based measures of prevention and intervention. Subproject VI therefore starts with the collection and examination of the designs of prevention projects all over Germany as well as expert interviews with policy makers and those in direct contact with radicalised and extremist persons. Questions of special interest concern the theoretical foundations of deradicalisation processes and the handling of internet influence. In the second part of the study subproject VI plans to contribute to an evidence-based assessment on the efficacy of selected prevention projects by the collection of official data on the delinquent behaviour of the addressees before and after their participation in these projects. The evaluation of the official data will be complemented by in-depth interviews with participants and dropouts. The findings will serve as the basis for recommendations on the development and refinement of preventive programs against radicalisation.