SP VII: Expert Interviews with Professional Observers; Prognoses

Subproject VII is carried out by the Chair for Criminal Law and Criminology of Professor Dr. Katrin Höffler at Georg-August-University of Göttingen and focuses on conducting and evaluating expert interviews with professional observers including security authorities and civil society institutions. A further focus lies on the analysis and evaluation of existing prognosis tools. Through the findings obtained in expert interviews, subproject VII will conduct an effective risk analysis and enable a successful risk management of radicalisation processes, thus paving the way for prevention and deradicalisation. Based on the interview analyses a core task of subproject VII is the development of indicators for the identification of vulnerable groups, the development of specific prognosis tools as well as the preparation of recommendations for practitioners.

The analyses will take into account various radicalisation contexts, in particular the internet. This constitutes the foundation upon which recommendations for action will be developed.