SP VIII: Conceptualization of developmental prevention programs

The subproject VIII is situated at the department of Research Synthesis, Evaluation, and Intervention at the Institute of Psychology in cooperation with the Center for Research on Right-wing Extremism, Civic Education, and Social Integration (KomRex), both located at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany. The main project goal is to conceptualize developmental programs to prevent radicalisation among adolescents. First, we will systematically integrate the relevant literature regarding processes of radicalisation as well as approaches to prevent them. Building on these results and general models of prevention, we will conceptualize concrete preventive measures directed at adolescents and their parents, as well as educational trainings for experts from various professional backgrounds (social work, police, justice sector). Furthermore, we will integrate the results from all RadigZ subprojects to derive recommendations designed to guide policies and professional work with youth at risk of radicalisation. We will especially consider the role of the Internet and social media in facilitating radicalisation both in our analyses of developmental psychological antecedents as well as in our conceptualization of preventive measures.

Target group:

  • Adolescents between 12 and 15 years (general population without specific risk constellations)
  • Parents and teachers
  • Social workers, police and juridical professions

Psychological processes that preventive programs should target

  • Problematic identity development
  • Problematic intergroup processes and prejudice
  • Problematic social-cognitive processes (e.g., attribution biases, lack of empathy and social perception deficits)


  • Development of an Internet platform to educate adolescents regarding extremist online propaganda
  • Development of an interactive prevention program for adolescents
  • Development of educative material for parents and teachers
  • Development of educational trainings for experts from various professional backgrounds (social work, police, justice sector)